A Traveler’s History of Hawaii

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A Traveler’s History of Hawaii
50 pages in four essays

Mick Arellano

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With 19th and 20th century population charts, and a modern map of trust lands on the island of Oahu

“Behind the Asian camouflage and the Polynesian camouflage,
aboriginal Hawaiian race today struggles with extinction.” read more

“Dear Diary 1966: The Air Force considers Hawaii an overseas assignment,
and it really does feel like a foreign country over here.” preview

The 1883 Hawaiian "Hapawalu" or "one-eighth" dollar (from hapa for "part" and walu for "eight")
was minted in Philadelphia for collectors and was never in circulation. Note the words "Ua mau
ke ea o ka aina i ka pono." See the first essay for more info about King Kalakaua and his time.
Coin photos courtesy of Superior Galleries/Collectors Universe

Robert Louis Stevenson and the Kingdom of Hawaii (essay #1)

U.S. Annexation and the Territory of Hawaii (essay #2)

World War II and the State of Hawaii (essay #3)

The 1970 Census and the Future of Hawaii (essay #4)


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Written July to December 2005. Published April 2006.

Visitor arrivals at Honolulu International Airport began in earnest
after statehood in 1959. See the second, third, and fourth essays
for the growth of Hawaii's tourist industry during the 20th century.

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